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Hip Safety: Getting Into and Out of Bed


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Hip Safety: Getting Into and Out of Bed

Your new hip needs extra care while it heals. Follow your "hip precautions" and the tips on this sheet to help keep your new hip safe. The steps below help you get into bed. Reverse them to get out of bed.

Note: Your operated leg should enter the bed first and leave the bed last. If you need to, remake the bed so the pillow is on the other end.


1. Sit Down

  • Stand with your back to the bed. Back up until the back of your good knee touches the bed.

  • Keep the foot on your operated leg forward.

  • Hold the crossbar of the walker with one hand. Reach back for the bed with the other hand. Don't twist.

  • Lower your buttocks onto the bed.

2. Support Yourself

  • Put both your hands on the bed behind you for support.

  • Lean backward onto the bed.

3. Lie Down

  • Swing one leg, then the other, from the floor onto the bed. As you do, use your elbows and hands to lower your upper body onto the bed. Move your body as a unit-don't twist.

  • Position yourself comfortably.

  • Do not reach to the end of the bed to pull the blankets up. Use a reacher to pull them up.

  • Keep your walker within easy reach of your bed.