Discogram: During the Test


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Discogram: During the Test

You are asked to lie on your stomach on an exam table. You may be given medication to help you relax. The doctor cleans your lower back and covers the area with sterile drapes. The region is numbed with medication. A needle is placed into each disc being tested. Then a contrast solution is injected into one of the discs in your spine.


A discogram may be painful. But it can give your doctor vital information to help plan your treatment.


What to Expect

  • If there is damage to the disc, you will feel pain when the fluid is injected. The doctor will ask whether this pain is in the same place as the pain that you usually feel.

  • The pain may be worse than your usual pain. Make sure to tell your doctor how you feel.

  • A picture of the disc is taken.

  • At least two of your discs will be tested. This is so the results of the two tests can be compared.

A discogram image shows
damage to the disc.

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