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Minimally invasive hip arthroscopy

When your hip is damaged by a fracture, arthritis or some other condition, you may find walking or getting in and out of a chair painful and difficult. You may even feel pain or discomfort while resting. When medication, changes in activity or walking supports such as canes and walking sticks do not ease your symptoms enough, you may need to consider hip arthroscopy or even hip replacement surgery.

Minimally invasive hip arthroscopy has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of many hip conditions. Hip arthroscopy helps Dr. Hannon diagnose and treat:

  • Dysplasia occurs when the hip socket is abnormally shallow, which makes the labrum more susceptible to tearing.
  • Femoro-acetabular impingements (FAI) occur when excess bone develops along the acetabulum and/or femoral head, and the resulting bone spurs damage your hips’ soft tissues when you move.
  • Hip joint infections
  • Loose fragments of moving bone or cartilage
  • Snapping hip syndrome occurs when a hip tendon rubs over the joint. This is typically harmless but repeated rubbing can damage the tendon and may require treatment.
  • Synovitis inflammation of the tissues supporting your hip joint

Hip arthroscopy procedures can vary greatly in duration. The length of time needed for each procedure depends on the amount, type and complexity of repairs. In terms of postsurgical scarring and recovery time, hip arthroscopy is much easier on the patient. In addition to hip arthroscopy, Dr. Hannon also performs hip reconstructive surgery, hip replacement, total hip replacement surgery.

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Sports Medicine Doctor Los Angeles - Michael Hannon - Orthopedic Surgeon Los Angeles

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Sports Medicine Doctor Los Angeles - Michael Hannon - Orthopedic Surgeon Los Angeles

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From the first interview/evaluation through the surgery and follow ups, I have felt taken care of and in excellent, professional and kind hands. Dr. Hannon is a remarkable man, a spectacular teacher as well as surgeon. He patiently answered every question and concern in the most understandable, apprehendable way. An excellent care giver and a gifted surgeon.

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